How To Get Free Annual Credit Report

Everyone is well aware about the importance having a good credit rating. You may have heard so many catchy advertisements through the internet and other media. These advertisements may seem as a bit exaggeration but your credit report is important since it provides the details on your all linked accounts. It is good to have an access to the free yearly credit report but it is even better if you check your credit reports more frequently. It will give you a chance to find out any suspicious activity done with your account. So you can save yourself at right time.

If you ask a question how to get my credit report at free of cost, here is your answer. You may have heard in many places all the US citizens are entitled to receive a copy of free yearly credit report from all 3 reporting agencies. Here let’s see how to do this exactly.

How to get my annual credit report frequently

AnnualCreditReport.com is the only authorized websites which provides free yearly credit report. If you want to access your credit report more frequently you need to pay a minimal amount. Even though people are qualified to receive their free report FTC receives many complaints that states people are not getting the free reports without paying a fee or obtaining other services.  So instead of burning your fingers with such TV and Online advertisements sign up with the authorized website and get your free copy.

Credit score and credit report

If you ask a question where to check my annual credit report then the answer is straight forward. You can get the credit report from the credit score agencies but you can’t get the credit score at free of cost. Credit score is a 3 digit number which ranges from 300 to 850. It will be calculated based on your credit report. But the calculation of three credit bureaus will differ.

You can find instructions below to get a free credit report from the credit bureaus.

When you hit on the click here button in the next screen you will be asked to provide the personal information and social security number.

Make sure you are providing the same accurate information as you provide in the AnnualCreditReport.com. Verify the information and click go.

On the next screen you need to enter some information towards your credit history. These questions will help to check your identity. Thus providing the acculturate information will become an essential one.hit on next.

In this step you can get your credit report. Based on your choice you can either print the report or just view and save in the PDF format.

You can see some of the credit score ads displayed on the TransUnion website with lowest prices. These will provide your TransUnion credit score.


When you enter into the Experian official website in the main screen you can see the button “Get your credit report and score”. Click on this.

In the next screen you will be asked to fill out your personal information to ensure your identity. After filling the appropriate information click submit.

In the upcoming screen you need to click on the Annual Credit Report.

Next step will confirm your credit report order. If you want to know the Experian credit score you can get it by paying $1.

At last this site will ask you various information on your past credit history. Provide accurate answers &  continue.

As with the TransUnion you can save the report or print.


The final credit reporting bureau is Equifax.

Here you can find the link to find out the credit score at the bottom of the page.

When you follow the link you will be asked the security questions same as other 2.

Fill out the form and finally print your report. if you want to get access to your credit score you can get I by paying the minimal amount.