Is It Safe To Sign Up For The Free Online Credit Report

You may have heard various offers advertised on credit score monitoring service through media, magazine and even from your credit card organizations. Many credit card companies and websites offer you the credit monitoring service at some low prices. Today the rate of identity theft is rapidly increasing so sign up with your credit card company for the credit score monitoring service is a safe idea but you don’t need to waste your money while you can free online credit report in a trust worthy way. Even if it’s a low fee you can actually save the money to pay off your old debts or current debts.

Try to know what is a credit report and what it contains. People are entitled to receive a copy of credit report from all 3 major credit reporting agencies. You can get once a year. If you want to have credit score monitoring from time to time then sign up with the free online credit report websites like annualcreditreport.com.

Details to note on your credit report

If you know what is credit report you will know the regular entries appearing on the report. Apart from that you need look at the below entries to spot the errors.

Monthly payments

Who and all have requested your copy of credit report (whenever you apply for a bank loan or credit card they can pull your credit report to check your credit worthiness. So apart from them if you suspect that anyone else have requested your copy you can file a complaint)

Negative items

Linked accounts

Review your report carefully

By seeing your reports do not assume that all the information printed on your report will be accurate, often people find and report the errors with their credit report. So carefully read each and every item and ensure whether it is correct.

Why you need credit score monitoring

People have an incorrect idea on the offers of credit score monitoring services. They actually help you when you caught up with the identity theft issues. It will alert you when your credit score goes up or goes down, any suspicious activity done with your credit card and the like information.Always you should be aware of what affects your credit score


Freezing and unfreezing credit reports

If you have ever worried by losing your wallet with the credit card you can request all 3 credit reporting agencies to freeze your credit report. Once you freeze your credit report in this way you can’t obtain any further credit using these accounts. So even if anyone finds your wallet they will do anything with it rather than moving to someone else credit card. You should freeze the credit report when you suspect that anyone else is using your credit card through identity theft. Freezing the credit card will cost around $15. It is a onetime fee.

When you feel everything is fixed you can unfreeze the credit reports. Unfreezing the credit report can be done with another $15. It is also a onetime fee. This $30 is much lesser amount when you compare with the amount you need to spend on credit score monitoring services.

While you are on the process of improving your credit score and want to know the progress signing up with these paid credit score monitoring services will be waste of money. You can do this simply with the free online credit report.

Who really needs credit sore monitoring services?

To be frank you will not need credit monitoring services until you end up with some identity theft issue. For an average credit card consumer it is not a necessary one. Analyze pros and cons of acquiring these services before sign up with them by spending your hard earned money.