How To get Your Credit Score Without Becoming A Prey For Scammers

When you search to find an answer for the question “whats my credit score?” may be a frustrating one. In the internet you can see many posts that are explaining how to improve your credit score and how one can get a free credit report through the websites. These all will become useful when you get an answer for the question “whats my credit score”.  Your question can be answered in a very simple way at free of cost or with low cost.

When you know what is your credit score you can predict the possibilities for getting the credit in the future. Depends on your credit score you can also determine how much interest you will be required to pay when getting an approval for your loans. It will help you to plan your finance wisely. For instance if you have  perfect credit score your chances for getting the loan will  be high and you can get the loans with minimal interest rates. Your creditor, insurance company will check out your credit score number and find out whether the lending the money to you will be a safe one.

whats my credit score

You may have several reasons for knowing “whats my credit score”.  But beware there are many scammers are out there they all just waiting eagerly to collect the personal information like credit card info. So if you attempt to check out your one time credit score in such sites there are high chances for them to use your details on all illegal things they have conceived in their minds.

You can check your credit reports in the websites like annualcreditreport.com. It’s a trust worthy site and millions of people are using every day to get their credit report. When you sign up with this site you can receive your free credit report nut anyhow they will not show you exactly what is your credit score is. If you want to know such information you should sign up with the international credit card companies. For the people who don’t want to access their credit report this site also offers printed reports.


FCRA permits the people to find out what their credit score is by requesting one of the national and international credit reporting companies. Normally these agencies help the people in determining their credit score. If you want to know your credit score in a more secure way these are the place you need to contact. But this is not a free service. You will be needed to pay around $8.

Have a check

Once you obtain your one time credit score report the first and foremost thing you need to do is checking each statement line by line. If you find any statement printed mistakenly you can contact the respective agency from whom you have got the report because these minor or major mistakes will decrease your credit score. While contacting the credit reporting agency let them understand what the error is.

Make sure when you place a request to get your credit report all the information you have provided in the forms are correct and there are no typing mistakes. When you provide incorrect inputs obviously it will lead to incorrect report generation. It will be of no use to anyone.

If you have credit score more than 800 the credit score is set to be a perfect credit score. Only 10% of the total populations have this perfect credit score with them.

Getting this dream score is simple. To read more on various credit score ranges and ratings read our post on credit score ratings.