Check Credit Score For Free

You can see so many posts on how to get your credit score for free. Here we explore some more ways in detail.  Some 2 decades ago there were many credit reporting bureaus were operated national and region wise.  But the market evaluation have merged these credit bureaus and positioned the 3 credit reporting agencies in the forefront. These credit reporting agencies are namely Equifax,TransUnion and Experian. Even though these 3 credit reporting agencies have become popular there are other small credit score companies that are worth noting.

Your credit score is the first one which initiates the process of your credit card or loan application. So if you have a question how can i check my credit score, good news is you can check credit score for free without spending even a single penny from your pocket.

Why financial experts insist to check my credit score?

Periodical checking of your credit score is very important because it helps you to keep track of your multiple accounts, credit cards, loans, and utility bills all under one place. It becomes very difficult to keep track of all these things unless you don’t have a proper financial management.

When you check your credit report periodically it will allow you to check is there any unauthorized access have made under your accounts and name. If you keep an eye on your credit report cautiously you can avoid the unnecessary error which hits your credit score and rating very badly.

Checking your reports once in a year is a good idea. You can check credit score for free only once in a year. But if you feel like you are well informed of your bills and payments it is advised to check your credit report more frequently.

Contents of your credit report

When it comes to obtaining your credit report it can be done in either of 2 ways.  First option is you request a one time credit score report from any one of the 3 credit bureaus or you can request credit reports from all the three. When you get a credit report from one credit bureau it is known as 1 bureau credit check, if it’s from three then it is known as 3 bureau credit service.

All of these three credit score companies are robust and collects information from multiple sources to calculate your credit score. Although these 3 having different variables for calculating your credit score, you can find the similar information appearing on your 3 reports.

  • Credit balance
  • payment history
  • total Number of years you have the credit
  • what are the different kinds of credit you have obtained
  • Long list of credit reporting agencies you have requested to get your credit report.
  • Your recent credit card or loan application details

How can i check my credit score?

You can obtain your free credit score from the credit reporting agencies yearly once. Every creditor is eligible to obtain this service. If you want to have a more frequent check you need to sign up with the credit score companies which monitor your credit report.

You can check credit score for free but getting a credit rating can’t be done at free of cost. When you sign up with the credit monitoring services you can get these both with little money.

There is a way to check your credit rating at free of cost. But it is not suggestible. When you apply for a loan from the creditor they will pull your credit rating from the credit bureaus which of course cost them a little. They will let you know what your credit rating is upon your request. But applying for a new loan and credit card can decrease your credit score.