What Affects Your Credit Score

If you know how to check credit score probably you may want to know what affects your credit score. Credit becomes a way of life. Nowadays every people are dealing with credit cards, storage cards and bank charge cards. Having these cards can do both harm and good to you.

What affects your credit score?

When you take more credit cards chances are there to lower your credit worthiness in short span of time. Never try to apply for more than 3 credit cards. Finding the people who have raised their credit scores with multiple credit accounts are countable only. If you want to stay organized try to limit the number of credit accounts you have.

Credit score rating

Credit rating is a 3 digit figure it ranges from 300 to 900. This credit rating indicates one’s ability to obtain and repay the loans and credits. It is an indication of how worthy you are from the credit perspective. When you apply for loan and obtain insurance from the credit card companies they will check your credit rating. Even though they pull up your credit score report from the credit bureaus remember they will not go through your report line by line. What they see is just 3 digit number. So it is advised to pay some attention on what affects your credit score.

How to check credit score

You can check credit score by reporting a copy from three credit bureaus. You can also get the reports from many sites. For those who are asking “where can I check my credit score for free?”

annualcreditreport.com  will be the best answer. If you want to estimate credit score you can make use the online tools which allow you to play with various possible credit affecting factors. You can educate yourself with these tools.

What affects your credit score?

Since you are in the process of improving your credit score you should be aware of what is your current rating.  Once you get clear with your report you can start searching the ways to improve your credit score.

Factors to consider:

Do not miss out your loan payments because each of your repayment will help you to increase your credit history.

Try to pay off your credit payment in full every month. If you cannot repay in full ask your creditor about the minimum allowed credit balance you can keep on your account.

Never apply for too many loans

Applying for loan in multiple banks can lower your credit score. Do you know how? Whenever you apply for a loan your creditor will raise a query on your credit score. Remember these queries will lead to the decrease in your credit score. It will continue up to six months. So think twice before shopping for too many loans and credit cards.

Don’t attempt to close the accounts if it is older than 7 years the longer the years you hold a credit card better the payment history will be. But pay off all the outstanding debts and keep it current.

Following are some of the credit score affecting factors which make you clear on what affects your credit score.

Your late payments will affect your credit score

If you ever defaulted with any of your bank loan it will affect your credit scores badly.

High unpaid balances on your credit card will affect your credit score

Any financial obligations filed against you will affect your credit score very badly

If you take up any loan from the financial institutions or firms and fail to repay they have the right to report to the credit bureaus so it will too affect your credit score.


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