How To Get Your All 3 Credit Scores

Building and maintaining a good credit score, is in fact a long term process. It cannot be done over the night. It requires you to stay on track by managing your finances and debts in a wise way. Undoubtedly if you manage to develop the good financial habit sin your life your credit scores will get improved automatically.

To stay on track and know how much you need to improve your credit score further you should check your credit report very often. So let’s see how to get your credit score.

how to raise my credit score

How to get your credit score

Getting your credit report can be done easily without spending money. All credit card holders have the right to obtain a copy of all 3 credit scores report from the 3 major credit reporting agencies namely Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  Getting all 3 credit scores are essential because these 3 will differ somewhat. Your credit score is calculated based on the different items found on your report. 3 different credit score companies have their own way of calculating the credit score.

If you want to find out all 3 credit scores request a free review copy from all of them. In fact it is the very first step to improve your credit score.

You have a question How to raise my credit score?

In the world of credit cards and credit scores, raising the credit score can’t be done overnight. Although you are using some quick fix methods it will get some tome to get reflected in your credit report. But the earlier you start to work on your credit score improve methods sooner you will get the results.

Given below are some simple steps which help you to improve your credit score fast

Examine to spot any errors

When you see your credit report for the first time you will be amazed by seeing how much of the information it states about you. You can all your credit card and loan information but unfortunately these all reported things are not always accurate. Nearly 25 to 50% of the credit reports come with an error.

One of the main reasons for this inaccurate information is credit card agency may mistook you with someone else who exist with your same name. You can remove these errors by contacting with your credit reporting agency.

One other important thing for the inaccurate information is identity theft. If you become a victim of this identity theft it is good to sign up with the reliable credit monitoring agencies.

Find out the cause for the inaccurate information

Next step you need to take on how to raise my credit score is finding the cause for the inaccuracy of data. If the data inaccuracy is due to the mixing up of information with someone else not related to you, check out whether your name spelled correctly with the full name. Check out whether your social security name is mentioned correctly on your report. Pay some attention on the address if your current address is different from the past one there are chances it may also cause confusion.

When you find error because of the above reasons report the credit bureaus and try to sort out immediately. If you see any strange payments or accounts appearing on your credit report and you suspect that you may be a victim of identity theft try to file a case with the police and stay informed with your credit reporting agencies.

Check all 3 credit scores to spot the errors.